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Raw Foods

100% Natural Fresh Meat

Feeding as Nature intended (Raw feeding) has always (since 1997) been a massive part of cat/dog feeding for customers of Pet Essentials New Plymouth.

Back in the very early days customers were spending large amounts of time cooking up their meats, adding veges, rice and other ingredients as they saw fit.  Now it is very rare for people to do this as the benefits (as well as time saved) of just the raw is understood.

Nature designed dogs and cats to hunt for their food. In doing this they are consuming the whole carcass of their prey.  In their natural wild environment they do not forage for grains or vegetables, instead these are consumed when eating other animals that have pre-digested those types of nutrients for them.

If we choose to feed our cats/dogs in the ‘raw’ way it’s important that we give a really good balance to ensure they consume the full range of nutrients they need for good health. 

In a modern urban environment a healthy, natural diet can be emulated by feeding your carnivore cat or dog a diet rich in raw meaty bones, green tripe, organs and the tissue of other animals such as rabbit, possum, veal, venison, chicken, beef or lamb.  A number of our blends contain whole carcase products.  Providing these and incorporating these into the diet will help ensure there is a good balance.

It is very common for customers to notice changes in their cat/dog when changing to a raw diet – Glossy coat, more content, a healthy digestive system, less smelly stools are some of these.

As with changing any diet, it is very important to make any changes slowly.  A gradual change over 5-7 days is advised and if you are feeding different forms of food, just change over one at a time. 

Our meats are raw, preservative free and are presented for you to use easily. We have meat already diced for your convenience, minced and packaged as smaller blocks, larger blocks and bulk box lots.

Pop in your freezer and defrost as you need.

Our menu is likely to have small changes from time to time dependent often on the seasonal availability of the respective meats.

A selection of our products will be listed in our online store! - Coming Soon!

Combo Feeding

For convenience reasons we find many of our customers choosing to combo feed their cats/dogs.  This is when they feed a biscuit alongside the raw feeding.  In many cases (because it goes more in line with the raw feeding view) they are choosing a Grain Free biscuit.  However should you choose to do this, feeding the biscuits at a separate time of day from the raw is preferred for better digestibility.

Many vets in New Zealand and overseas are now seeing the benefits of natural, raw diets.


As well as helping to keep your dog entertained these can be a fantastic way of naturally helping to keep your dogs teeth clean.  There are many different types of bones and it is important to keep an eye on your dog while they are consuming these.  Brisket Bones are our most popular bone (they are a softer bone the dogs generally chew right up), however there are Canon Bones, Back Bones etc. 

While many vets will have their own views and stories with bones the biggest thing to remember is NEVER give your dog a cooked bone.  They can splinter and cause big issues. Every dog is different in the way they devour a bone – it is up to you to observe the behaviour and decide if a  bone is right for your dog.

Chicken Necks

These can be another great way of helping to clean your cats and dogs teeth.  By feeding these a couple of times a week, could make a big difference to their dental health.  Some like them frozen and others at room temperature. 

Again it is super important that you keep an eye on your cat/dog when eating these.  If you have a dog that swallows its’ food down really fast then feeding a chicken neck would not be recommended. 


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