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Dried Super Premium Food

We are here to assist you in your choice of food for your pets. All our dried foods are fully balanced to provide all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy pet.

We have listed the most popular foods, however every range has a wide variety of options available tailored to your pets’ individual needs (and palate).We cannot possibly carry them all but we are happy to hold any one of them in store for you to collect at a time that suits you.


Loyalty Card

Some foods carry a loyalty card. We give you this card to keep hold of.  Each purchase is stamped when a purchase is made.  The card is a loyalty to OUR store and only purchases from our store will be added. After you have purchased 10 bags of a particular brand you will receive one bag absolutely free.

Note: The FREE bag is the same as other purchases on the card.  In the event the card has multiple sizes, then the smallest size purchased on the card is given as a FREE item.  

NOTE: Some Suppliers/Cards may have Timeframes for purchases


Phoenix Dog Food " Highly Recommended"

Our Food

We are proud to offer our customers locally owned, highly nutritious food that was specially formulated by local, independent pet store owners alongside an expert animal nutritionist.

Our quality food is grain-free, high protein, hypoallergenic, and we are proudly the only pet food in Australia that uses whole fresh barramundi. As well as complete with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, our food has therapeutically beneficial levels of added glucosamine and chondroitin

Our ingredients are sourced from around Australia, then sent to a family run factory in New South Wales to make the magic happen!


Our story

Phoenix was designed and created by IndePet, a group of independent pet store owners, alongside an expert pet nutritionist. We wanted to give pet owners a premium dog food that is transparent about its owners, its food sources and manufacturing processes.

We put our decades of experience, knowledge and passion to create a quality food for our customer’s dogs.


Phoenix prides itself on being environmentally conscious with sustainably sourced local ingredients and packaged in environmentally friendly bags. 





Orijen "Nourish As Nature Intended" And Acana "Biologically Appropriate"

Orijen has been rated Pet Food of the Year over the 2009-2010, 2010-2011, and 2011-2012 years by the Glycemic Research Institute in Washington DC. Produced in Canada this food is grain free using free range human grade ingredients free of antibiotics.

Orijen, together with its sister food Acana uses fresh natural ingredients that are sourced locally in Canada. The food is healthy and nutritious with large amounts of proteins such as chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs. These are easily digestible. Locally grown fruits and vegetables provide natural sources of fibre, vitamins and minerals. There are no artificial ingredients or by-products in Orijen and Acana dried foods.





Nutrience "Nourish the bdy - Fuel the spirit"

Nutrience is made in Canada by Rolf C. Hagen - a family business founded in 1955, who have their own pet food facility for complete quality control.  Hagen products are sold all around the world.


Happiness is Homemade

With almost 10 million square kilometres of lakes, rivers and forests, that means some of the best raw ingredients are on Hagen's doorstep.  Cage-free chicken, wild-caught fish from the cold, clear waters of the Pacific Northwest, turkey from Fraser Valley & produce direct from Canadian farmers, ranchers & fishermen.

Only the best raw ingredients make it into every bag of Nutrience.  The focus is on sourcing the best quality ingredients as close to possible to the production facility to strive for continual freshness. 

Wild-caught fish, meat & poultry are delivered fresh, for a noticeable improvement in palatability to the last bite.  Nutrience is made with minimally-processed ingredients & a multi-protein approach to more closely mimic a carnivore’s ancestral diet.

No Bad Anything

The Nutrience ‘No Bad Anything’ promise represents our unwavering attention to quality & ongoing commitment to natural, wholesome nutrition.

  • That means no corn, wheat or soy.
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
  • Small batch production for superior freshness & quality control.
  • Locally sourced ingredients direct from Canadian farmers, ranchers & fishermen.
  • SQF Level 3 certified production facility – that’s the highest attainable level in food safety recognised by both the FDA & CFIA – human-grade ingredients & quality.











Each bag of Wishbone is expertly crafted by animal nutritionists to maintain a healthy balance of 75% animal ingredients and 25% functional ingredients. This holistic approach ensures that with this one bag, your dog eats food that supports healthy hearts, bright eyes, healthy skin, shiny coats, happy tummies and healthy muscles and bones. Now that's something to wag about!




To make sure only the best goes into your pet's bowl, all our proteins and produce are sourced and made locally here in New Zealand, a country renowned for high quality produce and food standards. Our premium ingredients are sourced from local farms, fisheries and meat suppliers and then cooked in our own kitchens right here in the Bay of Plenty. This means that every bag of Wishbone you buy helps support local businesses across New Zealand who provide only the best for the pets we love.



At Wishbone, we believe pets are family and deserve wholesome, delicious food just like what we feed our own human family. That's why we take great measures to use only the best ingredients for our pets to enjoy. Join countless satisfied pet parents across the globe and make the change in your dog's diet today with Wishbone!


- Complete and balanced Whole Dog Health recipe

- Grain-free with 75% animal ingredients and 25% functional ingredients

- Made with 8 superfoods

- Taurine-enriched with essential vitamins and minerals

- Proudly made in New Zealand

- Supports local farms, fisheries and meat suppliers across New Zealand

- Made with love from our kitchens to your pet's bowl

- Delivered straight to your doorstep




Eukanuba Dog "Never Cut Corners" "Never Compromise"

This Eukanuba philosophy has not wavered for 40 years – “We feed dogs how we believe nature intended them to eat”. Evolving form carnivores, dogs should be fed accordingly, therefore only high-quality animal proteins, mainly chicken and lamb (not vegetables) are used as the principal sources of protein.

Full life stage diets are available including performance diets for agility and working dogs together with some breed specific diets including Boxer, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Jack Russell Terrier, Labrador, Rottweiler, Spaniel, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Toy Poodle and West Highland White Terrier. Other diets include Sensitive Joints, Sensitive Skin, Sensitive Digestion, Overweight.








Addiction is a New Zealand made Grain FREE product in various flavours & packaging sizes



Royal Canin

Together with the full life stages diets, Royal Canin provides tailor made nutrition for pure bred dogs. This “Breed Health Nutrition” is a range developed to meet the needs and peculiarities of each breed.

Some breeds covered include Boxer, Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Mini Schnauzer, Poodle, Pug, Rottweiler, Shih Tsu, West Highland White Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier.

The same applies to Royal Canin cat food. There is the range covering all life stages and flavours, together with diets designed for fussy cats; that to assist in hairball control; that to assist in putting a healthy shine on the cats’ fur.

Specific breed formulations include British Shorthair, Persian, Maine Coon, Siamese. Just enquire in store if you wish us to provide a breed specific formulation.





Ziwipeak - Nautral New Zealand Pet Nutrition

The ZiwiPeak range covers ‘Daily-Dog’ Cuisine and ‘Daily-Cat’ Cuisine which are a natural, complete diet for daily vitality, prepared with care beneath the Bay of Plenty’s celebrated peak Mt Maunganui.

Feed your pet with the nutritional excellence of a healthy real-meat diet containing essential vitamins and minerals. They’ll love the taste.

ZiwiPeak contains only the purest New Zealand ingredients and is suitable to feed your pet at any stage of life – from puppy or kitten to mature adult. ZiwiPeak assists to promote: Energy and vitality; General well-being; Digestion; Healthy coat and skin; Weight control. In dogs it also assists in: Reduced bad breath, flatulence and stools; Elimination of allergies.

Available air dried in pouches, as well as in a moist form in cans, there are no colours, salt, sugar, artificial preservatives, fillers or grains. ZiwiPeak also has a range of premium real meat jerky treats.






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Pet Essentials has been and is currently owned locally and there are no plans to change that,  We have been supported by a fantastic local customer base for years and we hope that continues for years to come! read more >


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