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Pet Essentials New Plymouth

Pet Essentials New Plymouth is extremely proud to be your 100% New Zealand and Taranaki LOCALLY owned pet specialty store.

As most things go – the initial vision was very different, however when David and Alison Olsen stumbled across a retail store idea specialising in the Raw Feeding of meats to dogs and cats everything seemed to fall into place. 

With David spending many years as a boner in a meat plant and Alison in retail, payroll and accounts, the combination just seemed to fit together nicely. 

The move from South Taranaki to New Plymouth made the dream a reality.  As their family of 3 (now adult) daughters grew they have also all been a massive part of working in the store.

In any business, experience is key and the pet industry is no exception. We’ve been in the pet industry since 1997 and are proud of where we’ve come – in floor space, stock and pet knowledge.

Starting in our original store with just 150sqm and no pets we now have a full pet retail store of over 500sqm.  Specialising in the raw feeding of pets has always been a massive part of our business.  Back when we began we were the only retail store group of this kind.  Being under MAF regulations we were also processing all our meats onsite.  So you can say we totally understand the process.  Over the years things have changed, although now we have chosen to buy all our meats in, we can still offer a large range of frozen meats.

Pet ownership is one of the most beautiful things and we know having healthy pets helps us be happy humans.  We are committed to helping you to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Having our own pets instore gives us a fantastic advantage when helping with your pet needs.  Just like you, we are cleaning, caring and looking out for any issues that may present in our pets.  Our hands on approach also gives us the tools and ability to relate to everyday situations. 

When it comes to pets whether you are new to pet ownership, have a simple query or a complex challenge to solve, we are here to help.  By understanding the individual needs of you and your pets we take a personalised approach to help you.  Thanks to the extensive high quality range of products we stock, and contacts we have, we can help try source products best suited to you and your pets.  One off orders are very welcome. 

For personal fittings of collars, harnesses, clothing etc we welcome you to bring your dog (on a lead of course) with you.

We look forward to seeing you instore real soon

With the biggest thanks
Pet Essentials New Plymouth Team


100% New Zealand and Taranaki LOCALLY owned


Alison & David


Pet Essentials New Plymouth Team



Proud To Be 100% Locally Owned & Operated!

Pet Essentials has been and is currently owned locally and there are no plans to change that,  We have been supported by a fantastic local customer base for years and we hope that continues for years to come! read more >


65-67 Molesworth St, New Plymouth 4310 


06-759 0190 


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