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Puppy Training
Pet Essentials New Plymouth
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Puppy Training

Puppy Classes are a fantastic opportunity for both you and your puppy to learn the basics in a clean, controlled, fun environment.


Puppy classes here at Pet Essentials in New Plymouth are taken by our Professional Dog Trainer – Kate Hocking BSc. Kate’s Calmness, Professionalism and Experience is a fantastic combination for us here at Pet Essentials.


Puppies should stay with their mums until at least 8 weeks of age. Yes they will be eating and drinking fine at 6 weeks BUT in the last 2 weeks it is the mother that teaches them the discipline. If they bite her, she will bite them back. Many problems can occur if they are taken away too early.


From 8-12 weeks is when they next do their most learning and this is the best time to start puppy classes. They must have had their first vaccination at least 7 days before coming to the first class, therefore the earlier they are given that first vaccination the better.


We mostly run 2 classes per week generally the smaller dogs in one and the larger in the other. They are run on a rotational basis. Everyone does the same number of 4 class lessons but in a slightly different order. Because there are puppies starting and finishing at different times, they aren’t just playing with the same puppies, they are being introduced to new ones just the same as they would in the big wide world. This works extremely well as there is no need to wait for a block lesson to start.


A large part of any puppy class is socialisation. Here in a controlled environment most will be off the lead learning their sits, downs, stays, heal work and get to ‘puppy play’ with other puppies. We also have a nutrition section and Vet section. Our chosen veterinary clinic - Vets4Pets - play a big part in our store by (checking/vaccinating all our puppies, kittens and rabbits plus all our pets’ general wellbeing) so it’s a great opportunity for people to ask them general vet questions in a relaxed, fun environment.


Our puppy class area is large with vinyl flooring away from where the general public and other dogs have been. To limit any contamination the floors are disinfected before and after every class. People are required to carry puppies to this area and not walked through the store.


As well as taking our puppy classes she also provides the follow-up Obedience Classes herself. This gives people the opportunity of furthering the knowledge and training of both owner and puppy. As an added bonus Kate also works with people on an individual basis providing 1 on 1 training for those niggly issues. Whether it be a small matter or something on a more large scale – it’s very important to nip it in the bud early. Knowing how and to have the confidence to deal with these matters early will play a big part in correcting it.


As at 3 August 2016 the classes are $60 for 4 lessons.


If you are interested in knowing more about Puppy Classes at Pet Essentials please phone 06 759 0190

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